Building an enhanced version of Bitcoin that's truly ready for mass adoption.

We are happy to announce the takeover of We Are Satoshi WSX coin as of today! Who are we? We are an established team of business professionals and crypto experts that have been extremely successful in the industry. Upon arriving on a coin in early 2018, we successfully became a top 1% producing team of the year. After leaving our other project, we were excited about the opportunity to start from the beginning and shape a coin around the wants and needs of our investors and community members. As institutional funds start to enter the market, we were searching for a coin that has the attributes and traits needed to help  achieve our goals.

As an already established producing team, we have proven and shown what is required to make a coin successful. By teaming up with the right opportunities and partnerships, we have a unique advantage over other coins in the space. Our outreach and connections will help guide us to achievements that many strive and work for. We are proud to introduce our new team members:



COO (Chief Operating Officer)


Jeff has been the leader of a top producing coin and knows what it takes to get the job done. He brings with him an experienced team of business professionals, advisors and partnerships  that are well respected in the industry. Being well connected in the industry is a must in this competitive coin market. Jeff looks forward to the opportunity and is extremely excited about the future of WSX.



CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


Michael built his resume and reputation from producing and marketing one of the top alt coins of 2018. His credentials include a history of marketing experience preceding the past fifteen years, including five of those years managing the marketing for a fortune 500 company. Michael delivers a unique skill set that is transparent and persistent and knows how to structure and create a strong and well diverse community.


Gerald Erckert



Gerald is a Crypto enthusiast with experience in project marketing, development, and community engagement. Gerald has built a strong following by being honest, and is very well known for being a “straight shooter” in the crypto space.





You may have come across the Kryptkeeper in the cryptospace. If you have, then you already know his worth. Andrew is a strong minded pillar of the community and a born natural leader. His extensive skill set will be utilized in all facets. Managing consultant, social advisor, customer relations.


In the near future, be prepared for a revolutionary hybrid super fork that will be the first of its kind and will establish a precedent for all future forks to come. 2017 was the year of ICO’s. 2018 was the year for privacy coins and forks. We Are Satoshi believes that 2019 will be the year of institutional investing and security coins. WSX plans to create a bridge that will act as a gateway for our investors and community. 

Coin Burn

Why is this necessary? One of the first things WeAreSatoshi needs to begin our new journey will be a coin burn. To properly kick off this rebranding one of the many items necessary is an accurate account of the WSX circulating supply. In existence since 2014, this project has been developed multiple times by multiple teams. Because of this there is a very large amount of WSX in “dead” wallets, showing no activity for multiple years. These discarded coins have been forgotten/lost and located in wallets that no longer have owners or lacking private keys for access. These coins will never be used and serve no purpose other than increasing our estimated circulating supply. Since the amount of dead WSX is estimated to be a significant percentage of the total circulating supply, we cannot make accurate calculations when precision is crucial. Currently there are over 8,000,000 coins showing zero activity for more than 1 year. This is approximately 1/3 of the total circulating supply! WeAreSatoshi has decided that performing a coinburn will allow our new team and new direction the fresh start we need. 


We want to give all WSX owners proper warning to make sure only dead coins are burned.


Any WSX located in wallets without any activity for more than (x1) year will be taken out of circulation and destroyed. Ample time will be given to perform a simple transaction to make sure no WSX is burned that should not be. (Sending small amount back to yourself will be sufficient activity) We will do everything in our ability to make sure owners have an opportunity to be aware of this situation. Transparency will also be shown for the WSX community to view these coin burn actions. We will announce the deadline in the near future.


What are Masternodes?

Nodes on the network that have enough coins to be trusted with facilitating instant transactions. Masternodes also encourage long term price stability and reward investors that hold a certain number of coins.


Why are Masternodes being added to WSX?


There will always be swing trading in any crypto project that helps with liquidity. However too much swing trading can lead to increased volatility that could discourage long term investors. By adding Masternodes long term investors get rewarded a fair gain for keeping coins in nodes. This reward gives long term investors gains without having to make risky swing trades and helps increase the coin supply at a sensible rate to ideally match adoption rates leading to price stability long term.


Currently available for trade on the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange, WeAreSatoshi has put the pursuit of more trading options at the TOP of our priority list. We are fully aware of how important this is to our investors. Many steps have already been taken to put WSX in a position to make these goals happen as quickly and smoothly as possible. The new team at WeAreSatoshi brings with them experience at doing just this. Through existing working relationships with multiple top exchanges, and a newly restructured coin geared towards, among many other things, passing the strict requirements that many of these top exchanges require, the team is confident to say the least. WeAreSatoshi are doing everything in our power to have WSX available to as many markets as possible.



Proof of Stake and PRIVACY

Proof of Stake is an energy-efficient, scalable, and intuitive consensus mechanism that uses economic incentives to secure a blockchain network. Your mining rewards are proportional to the number of coins you hold in the network in Proof of Stake. 


WeAreSatoshi focuses on its privacy technology to ensure fungibility to improve network scalability and increasing real-world utilization to become a globally accepted online decentralized digital currency.


Moving your money anywhere, privately, within seconds

Many of the leading digital currency networks have recently become  an inefficient means of payment due to their inability to scale and significantly reduce transaction fees. WeAreSatoshi will be an innovator in the field by introducing Project Hydra, a modified version of the Lightning Network proposal coupled with privacy features baked into the protocol itself.


The end result of the combination is the ability to send funds within seconds, not minutes or hours, with minimal transaction fees and without leaving a trace on the blockchain.

Designed for simplicity AND ease of use

WeAreSatoshi recognizes the importance of offering a simple and friendly interface that anyone can understand. As part of our roadmaps, we will offer wallets for every platform and every device, including full clients, mobile apps and web wallets to be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Saving precious resources

The security offered by the Bitcoin protocol relies on a robust Proof-of-Work hashing algorithm, where miners must prove that sufficient work has been done to confirm transactions. This offers users tremendous confidence that their funds are safe, but at the same time is very computationally wasteful. The Bitcoin network consumes more electricity than entire small nations.


WeAreSatoshi seeks to rectify this unsustainable degree of consumption and the pollution it produces by relying on a greener consensus mechanism, known as Proof-of-Stake, where users must prove that they own a stake in the network to verify transactions.

How do I get WeAreSatoshi?

WeAreSatoshi was born as both a tribute to the Bitcoin protocol and a solution to many of the issues it faces today, in an attempt to create a network that is more aligned with Satoshi's original vision. WeAreSatoshi is tradable at the Exchange section.