Coin specifications

Name: We Are Satoshi

Founded: 2014

Ticker: WSX 

Premine/ICO: None

Consensus mechanism: Pure PoS 

Total supply: 26,601,780 (November, 2018) 

Inflation parameters: 15% Annually

Block target time: 120 Seconds


Launched in 2014, the project's original purpose was to honor Satoshi's legacy by creating a peer-to-peer digital currency for facilitating financial contributions to social causes worldwide. While pure in intent, we, WSX's original community members see significant demand forming around the areas of smart contracts, smart asset management, oraclized APIs, scalability, interoperability, usability-driven mass adoption and financial privacy, while keeping a minimal environmental footprint in the process. A future rebrand is in the works, to bring the project's market image into closer proximity with the above.


Our aim is to bring the WSX project in-line with these emerging industry trends, with a primary goal of creating a resilient peer-to-peer digital currency that can be transacted with negligible fees, complete privacy, and accommodate concurrent usage by tens of thousands of users. Through WSX, we will be releasing step-by-step, a unique set of features that have been in close development in recent months, culminating in Project Hydra, WSX project's next evolutionary step, which will bring all of its pieces into a single, unified and impactful ecosystem. Future details will be shared once we are closer to its release.


WSX will have very active and transparent development and with ongoing community updates via multiple communication channels. This is a community-driven project and can only truly succeed with community approval, guidance and support. 


2018 Q3 


↕️⮫ Economic fork (Fork Alpha) - an economic rebalancing fork introducing new block reward paramters to stabilize staking ROI, remove PoW entirely and reduce annual inflation long-term


2018 Q4 


↕️⮫ UI/UX improvement - introducing visual enhancements to WSX's wallet array with simplified workflows to accommodate newcomers to the cryptocurrency space 

↕️⮫ New website release - a fully featured website overviewing the mission statement, vision, new features, roadmap, team and key areas of focus for the project's next 12 months of operation  

↕️⮫ Coin Burn

↕️⮫ New Windows wallet

↕️⮫ New Mac wallet

↕️⮫ New exchange listings


2019 Q1 


↕️⮫ Expand Core Team

↕️⮫ Implement Masternodes - globally-distributed, always-on servers that provide the network with enhanced services. WSX Masternodes will be unique in terms of the services and integrations they offer, and how owners benefit from them.

↕️⮫ Paper wallet

↕️⮫ Adding Advisers

↕️⮫ Top Exchange Applications

↕️⮫ Exchange Listings


2019 Q2 


↕️⮫ New Exchange Listings and Ongoing Merchant Integrations

↕️⮫ Expand Core Team

↕️⮫ Merchant Payment Gateway API and Integration

↕️⮫ Hardware Wallet Integration